Misk School, Riyadh

Leading with purpose to shape the world
Opened in 2016 as part of the Misk Foundation and backed by the Crown Prince, Misk School has a clear focus on educating the next generation of leaders for Saudi Arabia. Application is open to all, but a rigorous process ensures that only pupils with the most potential are selected for this demanding programme. The curriculum whilst rooted in national identity is delivered in English. There is a focus on high academic achievement supported by a High-Performance Learning framework. This runs alongside a well-thought-through leadership programme and exposure to industry through internships, ensuring pupils are prepared holistically for their future. The new purpose-built campus accommodates a co-ed KG section and single-gender sections for pupils in Primary, Middle and Senior Schools. Under the direction of the experienced and visionary Director General, Dr Steffen Sommer, this school is an exciting one to watch.