Bedales School (England)

Helping pupils to find out where they want to go and helping them to get there.
Bedales, a pioneer of progressive education, was founded in 1893 as an alternative to mainstream education, a tradition they proudly continue today. Their liberal education prioritises a questioning approach, freedom of expression and a celebration of the individual; there is no uniform and everyone is on first-name terms. Bedales were the first independent school to introduce their own accredited qualifications, the ‘BACS’ that run alongside core IGCSE and A levels subjects. These courses offer an interdisciplinary approach designed to foster creative thinking and independent learning. Skills for life are a key part of Bedales education; academic, creative, (famous alumni include Lily Allen, Daniel Day Lewis and furniture designer David Linley) and more practical skills honed as part of the outdoor work programme centred around the school farm.