to the Schools Index
by Carfax Education

The Schools Index is the leading international guide for parents seeking the very best education for their children, regardless of their location around the globe


The Schools

The schools included in the index surpass expectations and deliver an exceptional educational experience across many metrics. Each index profile provides a comprehensive overview of curriculum, school's focus and annual fees, as well as practical information such as travel times to local airports.

The Process

Our education consultants conduct independent research, visit schools, talk to parents and pupils, and distribute questionnaires to schools. We assess and shortlist them based on academic results, university destination data, extracurricular opportunities, facilities, preparation for life beyond academia, and each school's unique ethos.

The Team

Our consultancy team is at the forefront of global private education. We know the listed schools from our daily work of advising parents and have every confidence in recommending them without hesitation to our clients and now through this index, to the general public as truly the best that the world has to offer.

Helping Families Access the Very Best in Education

This year, we are proud to publish the 4th annual edition of the Global Schools Index by Carfax Education. The Schools Index is a leading international listing of top private schools from across the globe. Hand-picked and selected by leading education consultants at Carfax Education, the guide is comprehensively curated by international experts, with each school recognised as notable for their individual footprint in education, including academic standards, facilities, preparation for university entry, unique ethos and how they set their pupils up for life beyond academia. 

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Fiona McKenzie
Sophie Oakes
Lucy Holland